Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ann Winterton's non-PC joke 

PC is a revolutionary ideology. Once it has done with the Wintertons of this world it will go for the rest. It feeds like a parasite off scapegoating of innocent people.

Now would be the time for Ann Winterton to form her own party, as New Labour are distracted by Clare Short and also losing support over their own PC mania. Note that the MP who "blew the whistle" on her had a website with mickey taking jokes about the Arabs, including the legendary Taliban TV, according to the newspaper reviewers on a Sunday morning current affairs show.

Did he lose his job? No! Did the media call for him to have the whip withdrawn? No!! Howard should have either re-instated Mrs Winterton the moment the story broke, or called for the "whistle blower's" resignation (which would at least show some consistency). Apparently only Tories MPs are supposed to tow the PC line...

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