Friday, March 19, 2004

Time for people power to pull the plug on gay propaganda and bad taste on TV 

Whilst travelling home on the Tube this evening a couple of Lesbians opposite me decided to hold hands and gaze into each others' eyes. A few years ago this would not have happened. The anti-discrimination culture means that anyone arguing against them faces probable imprisonment under the "hate laws".

The media is waging a campaign to promote homosexuality and most television dramas appear to have a "gay storyline" which involves same sex kissing. Television acts as a political movement in itself. We have the "off" button, but we have no right to kick out the people who create programmes which we consider offensive.

My suggestion:

In the case of independent television, the companies should pay automatic fines if over a certain number of formal complaints are received from the general public. The various exisiting bodies governing broadcasting standards have shown themselves to be out of touch with the public. The right of censure should be handed directly to the viewers. Only then will the programming reflect popular morality, rather than the liberal metropolitan elite...

Additionally, the public should have the right to call no confidence in the head of the BBC, and have them removed from their position.

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