Sunday, April 25, 2004

Le Pen 

Once again we've seen how supposed "anti-Fascists" are actually the new extremists as they tried to stop Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the French Front National from speaking at a dinner to launch the British National Party election campaign. One of the protesters interviewed on BBC Radio had the nerve to state that foreign politicians should not interfere with a British election campaign. This from supposed enemies of "Xenophobia"! Their beloved EU Parliament is based around Europe-wide political parties, so sooner or later it was inevitable that nationalists and others on the right would team up to create a pan-European alliance. Soon, if the EU has its way (and it usually does) the parties will probably be compelled to use the same name in every member state, so there will no longer be a "British" National Party, a "Danish" Peoples' Party or an "Austrian" Freedom Party. They will all merge as a "European Nationalist Alliance" for the purpose of fighting future EU elections. Therefore it makes perfect sense for Le Pen to visit the BNP (assuming you support fielding candidates in EU elections, which I don't).

Given that Le Pen was the runner-up in the French Presidential contest it seems bizarre for David Blunkett to issue warnings about "stirring up hatred". What would they have done had he become President? Apply sanctions against France? Close down the Channel Tunnel? The move has wrong-footed those who said that nationalists were "anti-foreigner". The people of Europe are not the enemy. They want their countries to retain their identity as much as we do. It is the politically correct class who are the ruling elite in each member state who are the real enemy. We should never return to the days when it was seen as "patriotic" to be anti-French or anti-German, even to the extent of denigrating those who shared our beliefs.

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