Sunday, May 02, 2004

EU Elections - answers to a pragmatist. 

It was suggested that voting in these EU Elections would boost anti-EU groups. The statement, and my reply are listed below:

"I can understand why you see abstaining in the Euro elections as a positive gesture, but the powers that be may not appreciate it as such - you might merely be apathetic and content for others to vote - might it not be marginally more positive, as an anti-EU gesture, to vote UKIP or BNP in those, as well ? I think that would be more likely to move the larger parties to the right, which is after all the main intent of very many who vote BNP or UKIP."


I have thought long and hard about it, but I can only see bad consequences. For one thing the UKIP MEPs have had no influence (and no publicity) from their time in the EU Parliament. Also they will become more dependent upon the money generated for their party. Once you're in, you're in to stay (in order to keep the money).

Eventually I can see the parties which have participated being worn down and compromised, with a watering down of policy from withdrawal to "renegotiation". Already the English Democrat Party and the Freedom Party are hardly forthcoming about plans to get out of the EU, which concerns me. We need parties and individuals who take NO PART in the EU process. Otherwise you get drawn in like a victim to quicksand.

The new challenge is to build links with all those organisations across the continent who also wish to get out of the EU. It is no longer enough to simply pull one country out, however. We need a concerted effort, simultaneously in every member state, similar to that seen during 1989/1990 during the fall of Communism, of people power to bring the whole rotten structure crashing down. Look at how the Vlaams Blok have been proscribed in Belgium. Shades of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Any dissent is stamped on in totalitarian structures. I can foresee it happening here. The battle is not only about parties, it is about individuals (like the dissidents in socialist states).

Who will the people trust to rebuild their nations after it all comes tumbling down? Those who took part in the EU elections, or those who stood aside and maintained their integrity?


Nothing to celebrate 

I was NOT one of those celebrating on 1st May over the further enlargement of the EU, with the additions of 10 former Communist Bloc countries. Tony Blair annoyed me greatly when he came out with all his pre-packed, ready-wrapped rhetoric about how Europe has been "re-united" at last ! Doesn't that man know ANY history? He spoke garbage. Europe was never united. Napoleon, Kaiser Bill, Hitler, and Stalin & the rest all tried it. But all people ever wanted was the right to control their own countries and manage their own affairs in their way. Of all the Empires that ever existed in Europe in the past, all fell to bits, because different nations wanted the freedom to govern themselves independently of any external powers which set themselves up as higher authorities I deplore the way the democratic rights and freedoms of ordinary people are being progressively eroded away.

All those high-sounding phrases about "Unity" don't impress me one bit. Haven't they ever heard of the Law of Diminishing returns?

A little of a "medicine" can bring benefits, but more brings proportionately less good, then you get to the point where any good it might do is cancelled out by the harm it does. Then you progressively nose-dive into the stage when additional "Unity" - with all its top-heavy, centralised-power bureaucracy, and Soviet-style totalitarian planning, and remote-from-the-people admininstration - only does a great deal of damage. I keep waiting for the first Soviet-style, dictatorial 10-year plans to develop. I'm supposed to celebrate that? No way! That's how I feel about the "European Union". It's gone far too far - and it's doing a great deal of damage to individual nations. It's so detrimental to freedom, democracy, and the independent management of nations' own resources in the ways that benefit their own nations best - it is quite unbelievable.

(Reproduced from a forum. It expresses our view perfectly. It was written by "Evelyn Ward")

The Populist position on the EU Elections 

The British people are soon to be asked to cast their vote in the European Elections on June 10th. I shall not be voting however (not even to spoil my ballot paper), and the party of which I am leader will never field candidates for a foreign assembly.

This is because I believe that to vote in these elections would be to validate a structure which is clearly incompatible with our constitutional independence. Some 70% of the electorate regularly abstain from voting in the elections to the European Parliament, as a protest against the waste and corruption generated by the EU.

Each of the main parties are contesting these elections as part of cross-Europe blocs and therefore cannot speak for the national interest – only for the interest of their party grouping in the European Parliament. Worse still, of these both the Labour and Liberal Democrat party leaders are enthusiastic supporters of an EU Constitution which has the support of less than a quarter of the electorate. The Tories, despite their rhetoric, are part of the European People’s Party grouping, which includes continental parties that support further integration. The party list system means that voters may vote Tory believing that they are opposing the proposed Constitution, only to find the person elected supports the project. They cannot pick the candidate who represents their view, they have to accept the candidate offered by the party machine.

It is claimed that these elections are a mini-referendum on our future in Europe, yet even if Euro-Sceptic candidates formed the majority of British MEPs (or if there was a similar result in every other member state) they would still have little influence, as the Parliament has neither real power nor control over the executive. It is an expensive talking shop. Only a British government can alter our relationship with the EU, or withdraw us altogether.

When the people of Europe finally dispense with the EU it will be the parties and individuals who kept their integrity through non-participation to whom they will turn.

Political correctness - a potted history 

Political Correctness is a threat to free speech. Once confined to the "loony Left" under Ken Livingstone in London it has spread until we have reached the stage where there have been attempts to prevent people from displaying Christmas cards in some offices in case they offend Muslims. Supporters of political correctness have the same mentality as the Soviets, Hitlerites, MCCartyhites and Roundheads. Basically anyone who doesn't conform to the "one true faith" is open to "show trials" (remember Ray Honeyford and Maureen McGoldrick?), "airbrushing" (the rewriting of history to suit the new rulers) and "exile" (or in the modern liberal PC version that means broadcasters like Robin Page being sacked).

Political Correctness in television began to take root in the early 1980s when PC comedians like Ben Elton and Dawn French began to replace the old style comics like Jimmy Tarbuck, as young university types with liberal sensibilities seized the chance to use culture to destabilise traditional society with satire. Some old stylers remained the same (i.e. Jim Davidson) others (Lenny Henry and Jasper Carrott) have adapted to the new mood.

PC in schools is directly linked to the national curriculum. Thanks to Mrs Thatcher we have the same thing taught in schools across the country, rather than just the inner cities. She didn't bank upon the Labour Party being re-elected and promoting their loony Left ideas far and wide.

How do we fight it? By supporting pressure groups and political parties who oppose it. People now speak in whispers about multiculturalism, the promotion of homosexuality, and of feminism for fear of the labels they may receive - "racist"; "Homophobe" and "sexist". People don't know what they are allowed to say or do, or even THINK!

I wonder....are we still living in a free society?

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