Saturday, August 21, 2004

Melting Pots - no solution to racial tension... 

This is reply to a post on an internet forum with regard to racial intermarriage, which has apparently been proposed as a recipe for harmony by writer Andrew Alexander, a veteran and aged Daily Mail journalist.

Populist Reply:

I think that age can sometimes play havoc with the mind. I recall Norman Tebbit being a "hardliner", but his stance has moderated considerably. As people see the sands of time sifting away, and nothing being done about the issues they care about, they increasingly look for compromise in order to achieve something of the original objective, even to the point of advocating policies which negate the original purpose. Tebbit (on BBC1 Question Time) when asked about the influx of Eastern Europeans said that he was not worried, as the Poles, Czechs etc fought gallantly for us in WWII.

He could say the same about the Jamaicans and Indians however. Where does it stop? Certainly there are those who believe that creating a big melting pot would solve race problems. They are wrong! Tell it to the Cape Coloureds in South Africa, the "high colour" Trinidadians, the Guyanese and indeed any country with mixed race populations. There will always be those who are less black than others. Or does Andrew Alexander believe that the black population readily accepts half-castes as equal? If the solution to racial disharmony is to abolish the White population that assumes that whites are the problem, that whites cause the tension. And what would be done about the whites (such as Jews, Ulstermen, Afrikaaners etc) who stubbornly refuse to intermarry? Would they be arrested/shunned?

However if all or most of the whites had gone then the multiculturalists would have to start on the Chinese, Indians and others. In Woolwich there is currently a big row over Darcus Howe's channel 4 documentary on the conflict between Somalis and West Indians living in the area... and they are all black!

Original Post:

I thought It would be appropriate to post this on the 'political correctness' thread, although this time from Andrew Alexander in the 'Daily Mail'.

Alexander has previously writtten sensible and quite courageous articles against immigration and multi racialism over the years, and I considered him one of the few journalists that really did have a grasp of the grave threat the presence of millions of Third World immigrants posed for the future of Britain.

But what is his answer to the problem of multi-culturalism? Why, a vast increase in the number of inter racial marriages of course.

Yep! the way to solve the dilemma of millions of immigrants not feeling as British as they should to is to do away with that most visible symbol of where one's nationality originally lay - and therefore a potential for disunity: race!

No more blacks to feel African or Caribbean; no more Asians to feel Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi; No more Whites to feel British. Just one happy clappy hetrogenous mish-mash.

Just why should the British be destroyed along with the descendants of alien immigration simply in order to fend off the consequences of a multi-culturalist programme over which we had absolutely no say whatsoever.

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