Friday, October 01, 2004

Well Done UKIP! 

Congratulations to the UK Independence Party on their magnificent Hartlepool result. By keeping most of the percentage of the vote received at the Euro-Elections, which were held under Proportional Representation, they have shown that they have a solid core of voters (1o%) from which to build. The Tories, meanwhile, are slipping away into oblivion, having dropped from 2nd to 4th in Hartlepool. UKIP have to prove now that they are taking votes from Labour as well as the Tories in order to progress toward their 1st MP.

The English Democrats Party has no future 

The EDP candidate Ed Abrams came bottom of the Hartlepool poll with just 41 votes. This compares with 278 for the National Front, and Ed was beaten by several independents. Surely the EDP should call it a day as it is obvious that a party based around the creation of an English Parliament has no support amongst the electorate. They are a spoiling factor for the other patriotic parties as most of their members are anti-EU, anti-immigration and sceptical about globalisation. Surely the game is up, and they should draw the curtains on their short existence and join someone else?!

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