Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bush or Kerry .....or Nader? 

The Populist Party view on the US Election is that George W Bush represents best our views on family matters (i.e. no homosexual marriage) but that his foreign policy is opposite to our own. Kerry, the defeated Democrat challenger, offered nothing for Populists. The third candidate, Ralph Nader, who received less than 1% of the vote nationally, is the closest to our views with scepticism over globalisation and American attemps to police the world. Despite his views on family issues being liberal and similar to Kerry, much of his programme is populist in nature with support for small farms and public health care...

To see Nader's campaign proposals visit: www.votenader

Gambling with our futures 

The government's proposals for the introduction of "Super Casinos" are nothing short of criminal. Any good points contained within the new legislation on gambling, such as limiting fruit machines in take aways and other places where minors may use them, have been overshadowed by the Casino deregulation. Blackpool and other seaside resorts have their own slot machines - they don't need mafia-style Casinos as well. The "mob" (i.e. organised crime) will run the Casinos, people will turn to loan sharks to fund their addiction, and then the mob will take over the loan sharks, thus creating a cycle of dependency.

To help oppose the Gambling Bill join us now! The Populist Party stands opposed to the corporate interests behind the Casinos.

North East Rejects Assembly 

Well done to the voters in the North East who rejected the Regional Assembly, and to the organisers of the "NO" campaign, led by Neil Herron, who secured the victory.

Will the government now try to force the voters to vote again until they achieve the "right" result, we wonder? Nothing is beyond this government!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Assembly ballot papers 'missing' 

About 300 homes in the Darlington area are affectedHundreds of ballot papers for the regional assembly referendum in the North East have "disappeared".
Royal Mail says it is investigating the situation, which has meant about 300 homes in County Durham are not receiving voting packs. Officials at Darlington Council are now in a race against time to try and rectify the situation. The all-postal votes of about two million electors are due to be handed in by 4 November. A spokesman for Darlington Council said: "We have sent out the ballot papers, the problem is with Royal Mail.
"Somewhere along the line, something has gone wrong and these ballot papers have not been delivered. "The Royal Mail is investigating to see if they can find out what the problem is."
No-one will not receive their ballot paper as special hand deliveries will take place where necessary Royal Mail spokeswoman A spokeswoman for Royal Mail said: "We are investigating a problem with the delivery route in the Mowden area of Darlington.
"This is affecting several hundred properties, which have failed to receive ballot papers.
"We are working closely with the council and will do all we can to help rectify the problem.
"No-one will not receive their ballot paper as special hand deliveries will take place where necessary.
"We are unaware of any other problems of this kind to do with the regional assembly vote."

The Darlington Council spokesman added: "Initially we had complaints from a couple of residents in Mowden to say they thought they should have had their ballot papers by now.
"We then made further investigations and it became clear this was a bigger issue."
A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission told BBC News Online that letters were being sent out to those homes affected. She said the commission was satisfied that measures had been put in place to ensure all voters received ballot papers in time. So far a total of 569,072 ballot envelopes have been scanned by bar code at counting offices across the North East.

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