Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Why Euro-Scepticism is failing.... 

We need to ensure that there is a strand of anti-EU opinion promoted which opposes the views expressed by the failed Tory "rebels" who made a fuss and then regained the whip without a single concession from John Major. They were the biggest let-down in Tory recent history. We need an alternative anti-EU movement which is:

a) Broadly sceptical about American aims/opposed to Americanisation

b) For protectionism and against mass importation of 3rd world goods and labour/globalisation.

c) Opposed to the rampant free market

d) Opposed to deregulation if it is seen to be against the job security of the ordinary working man.

The main reason why Euro-Realism, and even its pale imitation Euro-Scepticism, is opposed by so many ordinary people is that it is seen to be linked with Thatcherism and market economics. Millions of people, both in Britain and Europe, have been persuaded that the EU is a defence against the global market place and economic liberalism. They support the "fortress Europe" against the "Anglo-Saxon model" economy, which they fear will cost them their jobs and social provision. What use is increased efficiency if it throws you on the dole? Most working people want a job for life, they want security above all else. Surely the job of the government is to look after its people, the electorate, not the needs of a few international financiers and heads of multinationals??

New Populist Leader Elected 

Since May 5th 2005 the Populist Party has had a new leader. Lee Consterdine was elected unopposed, and will serve in the same way as founder Russell White.

This blog extends its warmest thanks to Lee for agreeing to take the party on and advance the cause in the future.

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