Thursday, July 07, 2005

After 7/7 

The Populist Party wholly condemns the actions of the terrorists who killed and maimed innocent people in London today, and applauds the swift and professional manner in which the emergency services dealt with the situation. Yet we cannot help but feel that all of this could have been avoided; for if the government had not slavishly supported the American actions in the middle east, it would probably not have happened. Regretfully, the only parliamentary party leader in the House of Commons to recognise this is the "Respect" party leader, George Galloway, elected in the Islamic constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow.

The G8 summit is symbolic of the Globalisation which drives our leaders to attempt to create one standardised liberal and consumerist world, a world in which Islam has no obvious place, and in which Christianity too is becoming a thing of the past. It is patently obvious that the modern liberal Western materialist vision of Blair, and the mass media, is diametrically opposed to that of Islam, militant or otherwise, as much as it is opposed to our own patriotic vision.

And yet, to their shame, the government and the political class of Europe will not understand this. We have millions of potential enemies in our midst; we don't truly know who is on our side and who wishes to destroy us. And still more arrive in Britain (particularly London) every year. Are they coming in order to flee tyranny or to impose it upon us? We cannot know for certain. Those who propose a clampdown on immigration from Islamic nations are called "racist" or "Islamaphobes", some (like the BNP leader Nick Griffin) are arrested in an attempt by our "liberal" establishment to neuter the opposition. Others, like former TV Host Robert Kilroy-Silk are sacked from their jobs, in an attempt to scare others who wish to tell the truth. As a result we have our own peculiar form of liberal tyranny; soon to be institutionalised still further by the introduction of ID cards.

People will reflect upon this attack, especially in other parts of the country, where they know few muslims personally, and deliver a protest vote. There is a by-election in Dagenham where the BNP heartland lies, and Robert Kilroy-Silk's Veritas is also standing a candidate at the Cheadle parliamentary by-election. There is now ample opportunity for him to wag the accusing finger at our establishment, now that he has been proved right and we've had our "7/7" just like the Americans had their "9/11".

We in the Populist Party will be watching events carefully, and noting the public mood in the wake of this terrible butchery. We wish to pay our respects to those killed or injured by the terrorists, to their friends and families who are suffering on this day. It is a time for the British people to reflect, and after that reflection has passed to take the appropriate action to ensure that the root political causes of such events are tackled by those with the ideological resolve to act for Britain's true interests, through democratic means at all future elections....

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